Content is the key for SEO in 2016

Content marketers are rubbing their hands as we move further into 2016. The online business world has switched on to the fact that content is key in the ever-changing landscape of search engine optimisation (SEO).

While marketing strategists of yesteryear used crude devices such as keyword lists in an effort to trick search engines like Google into giving websites a ranking boost, in the modern era, many experts believe that only quality content in the right places can give businesses’ online homes an SEO boost.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the quality content has to appear on your own site. It has been proven that citations from respected news providers and social platforms can have a huge impact. This means that when the URL of your website is included in a link from a high rank website, this in turn improves the standing of your own site in Google’s eyes. A link within an article on a high traffic news site to your site, for example, could do wonders.

This plays right into the hands of the content marketers, but it is not all plain sailing. These creative specialists must think of ideas and engaging methods to get their clients mentioned by news providers, in a positive light. It seems that the worlds of SEO and PR could be about to collide.

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