Great advertising starts with a big idea

An advertising strategy must start off with a great idea. This idea must ensure that consumers engage with the brand in today’s cluttered media environment.

This idea will help inform media selection. Many channels are open to brands, but the idea will dictate the best place for it to be brought to life. It can inform large-scale advertising campaigns, product packaging, SEO strategy, social media messaging and every output that the marketing team has to consider. All of a brand’s marketing collateral is unlikely to be effective if there isn’t an engaging idea for people to get behind.

The big idea is as important for small local brands as it is for large multinational ones. If people are searching for something local like ‘website design Hampshire’ online then they are more likely to click on a result where the copy utilises a coherent advertising strategy. A good SEO strategy, starts with a big advertising idea that has been developed to work across all media channels.

Many brands make the mistake of coming up with a great advertising idea that works well on one specific channel, such as a hilarious television commercial, that then falls flat when it comes to print, outdoor or point of sale advertising.

Make sure that your brand has a consistent advertising strategy beating at its heart.

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