How inbound marketing can help you

Inbound marketing is integral to the implementation and progression of any campaign. Over the last ten years, a lot of companies have found that inbound marketing is more successful than many other ways of marketing a product or service.

With social media more popular than ever, inbound marketing really should be at the forefront of every company’s plan of action (or POA). One of the best ways to increase website activity is simply to keep on top of your social media presence. Another great way is having a frequently updated blog. By producing interesting content, engaging with your audience and responding to all queries in a professional manner, you will increase your chances of almost inadvertently making sales without having to chase leads.

For example: (In this instance we picked Katie’s Party Supplies as an example) they run a party shop with a strong social media presence and are looking at keeping an up-to-date, consistent blog. Simple ways of increasing your likelihood of making sales with inbound marketing through a blog include discussing the latest party supplies and treats and news in your posts – by doing this, you will see an increase in visitors to your website, and are likely to increase your number of leads.

Alongside the blog posts, your social media accounts are key. You need to show you are as “human” as possible by knowing your customers’ needs, engaging with your audience and applying a consistent approach.

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