Would you rather play bingo or online marketing?

Bingo-to-Online-MarketingThis may seem like a very strange question, but all will be explained. Bingo, a game of luck believed to have been first played in 15th century Italy, isn’t as easy as it seems. In halls across the country players buy strips of up to six tickets for each single game; therefore concentration and discipline is needed, because each number from on its own (number one) to top of the shop (blind 90) would have to be found – and at some speed.

Increasingly popular online, the basic principle of the game is much the same, but it thrives in a social context (as did the converted picture houses and the like in the real world). It is seen as a meeting place. Indeed, online, sometimes the game is played automatically while the friendly social networking continues unabated.

How does bingo correlate to online marketing?

Well, without being too cute about it, in several ways. The key to winning big in bingo is to “cover” all the numbers and find a full house. Otherwise, you’ll have much less success, like winning a minor prize in a raffle, rather than the jackpot you seek. Online marketing aims to cover all the bases to present a complete business picture. Undertaken by skilled professionals, you have that chance for a major jackpot. Neglecting even a few could mean missing out, and being left with that raffle prize.

Equally telling is the social aspect which forms a key part of both activities. On bingo sites, as with Facebook or Twitter, it’s also about encouraging people to communicate and build relationships both with your company and each other. Through this they can gain and pass on information, and begin to feel a true kinship with “fellow players”.

A final key likeness

Bingo has often been described as a game of probability. Online marketing is not a game, but does also deal with probability, by using proven techniques and tactics to increase the success odds of those businesses shrewd enough to make truly effective use of it. Which brings us, finally, to another meaning of the word itself: “expressing excitement at successfully doing something”. Let’s look for chances to shout “bingo” as often as possible!

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