The Power of SEO

The Power of SEOIn today’s world having a website online simply isn’t enough and the major mistake many businesses make is by paying for a fabulous looking website, without actually taking the time to work out a online marketing budget campaign. Business plans are great, but it’s getting seen that counts online, without this their is a strong possibility that failure will occur. So our top tip is don’t be another number and make plans today to stop the rot, before it begins.

How does Search Engine Optimisation help my business online?

Simply put having a website design is the first part of an adventure online, and really the start of potentially something special, and we say these words carefully as potential is purely all it is at the moment. SEO or (search engine optimsation as it’s known) is the next step into laying down the foundations after your web page is complete and live online, it is a way to tell the search engines what your website and web pages are about. Then it is a case of building up the power from within and making it a force online.

Does Social Media help?

The simple answer is yes, social media is a great way to get seen and shout about your products, tell your followers your latest news and let them know about offers. But it isn’t a quick and easy solution, social media takes time, effort and passion, Facebook and twitter are by far the best. But there are many others in Pinterest, Google plus and some of the other platforms like Instagram and like, but these are more based around people rather than products.

The key thing is to keep people or potential business in the loop of what you are doing, so that when they may be ready to buy, they think of you! No one likes seeing a dated and unused Facebook page, especially when you might say that you are social media experts, your page explains who you are and what you do.

Succeeding online is about having a website, then online marketing, plus all the benefits of social media. Depending on your business and\or service look to see if you are selling nationwide or locally. Obviously a local plumber would be local, but a dog products supplier would be nationwide.

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